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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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this is t.v. come your headlines now are trying to see eye to eye the leaders of russia and the us meet at the g. twenty summit in mexico to some rather divisive issues presidents putin and obama agree that should be solved through diplomacy and they also pledge to keep seeking a compromise on european missile defense. also at the summit of world leaders raise the alarm over a lack of progress in dealing with the eurozone debt crisis which they say threatens to bring down the entire global economy. greece struggles to form a coalition government plunging the debt laden country even deeper into trouble.
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plus nuclear power iran stands for his right to a peaceful atom as western officials try to pressure the country into submission during an international conference right here in moscow a tough new american and european sanctions against the islamic state should come into force within just a few weeks. and in a lot of the election in egypt we spoke to the deputy political bureau chief of hamas the interview that's right now. with me i have a. look the deputy political director of health thank you very much you know the muslim brotherhood is the ideological parent of hamas here in egypt it seems to have lost support with one of the major criticisms leveled asad the fact that it did not do enough for the people when it had parliament in its hands do you think
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the brotherhood is ready to govern egypt i think if the biba gave the muslim brotherhood their faults. they were in their lives they're going to do well because they have enough experience to do what they are required from them to do how well have mass benefit from the muslim brotherhood control here in egypt look. may be. looking for liberate their people here and there to this is the difference between. for the who's outside the store and the brotherhood or from. him by this time. we expect to be cheering. toward blistery for more secure. especially when you're talking about the sea. again is the palestinian in gaza
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strip he told the people in egypt very clear he broke the siege and he got out of with the gate between. egypt and gaza strip because he feels there is a responsibility. to all. three but why has the siege not been lifted between egypt and gaza the rafa border is. closed four days a week until now there is no decision to. see any. good between egypt and other countries because the toll. there is no. authority in the gaza strip side because of that they are going for
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humanitarian cases that's all after palestinians been forgotten about because of the arab spring maybe in the short. but it's still a question. became maybe three or four. in the news. that we would. hear about oh sure my bro. but the longer i get. the most benefit for the palestinian this contribution. among. regimes how does the arab spring benefit the palestinians you know. when the democratic. cases come to the region. all of the people all of the governments in the region they are going to listen to
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the people. we will hear in the region with the palestinian. against. any more money. between governments with israel i think the longer run. because of the corpus when there are going to be. all of the arab regimes be with the palestinian. the palestinian authority and to the country how much recently publicly turned its back on longtime ally syrian president bashar assad to endorse the opposition in syria why. argue sweden. or stand with the. sea but in syria we are. clearly told everybody not to feel syria. we stand with the b.
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will. syria. also we know this kind of government or. bashar he gave us money supports he stand with us hold the prime we respect. too much you say you don't interfere but recently of a hamas prime minister ismail haniya publicly supported what he called the heroic people in syria who were striving for democracy freedom and reform it sounds like interference i would think so because when the standard that we were looking for democratic or their rights in syria this is the same language was the government told the people we are for we stand with all of the people. with. you see democratic saudi looking for too clear it's iran's supports assad
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could your position not affect future relations between hamas and your principal percolator rand are don't think so because the relation between syria and iran or iran with other countries. should be enough to fix our relations with iran. this is our policy by you not supporting assad our fight does this not weaken the anti israel access may be temporary but. i think longer and. everything that might be changed explain please because you see we're talking about to sort. resister sorry. a mass of syria iran and all this is one side. in the previous. time there is another side to support the peace
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process. we were talking about. for the near future both sides know the we may be. expected to. be. going to change their bonuses. but in the room. maybe. you can see. one position. support the palestinian case the sinai has become and will be and there are reports that weapons are being smuggled across into gaza one of the concerns the israelis have is that this could indicate you are preparing for war with israel what is your response if. they start to. try to make all you see against girls are we going to defend ourselves if you talk about any situation to smuggle or something very very we're going to you're talking about
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something you have been many years ago is not just those with israel not happy with the law but. this is our duty to resist the occupation looking for her to have the tools to resist will be different from i mean we have and we can do that the hamas charter calls for the destruction of israel what are we looking at between the two sides wall peace we're not talking about special case we're looking for there is a palestinian problem we have to sort this the support limb and the men. i mean think we're. for for all of the palestinian love that if you would strip know the all the all the all of the senior around the world. that if you've seen them to return to their country. to return to their homes this is what we're looking for
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and we will we're going to continue to resist the occupation if we sort of this is a problem there is nor any reason to continue with our policy but if the deal was still outside in the refugee camps i could hear nobody could blame our story sister for wishing and trying to to achieve for political or are you afraid that israel will attack gonzo on the west bank because of the increased power of the muslim brotherhood maybe is. looking for some. some reasons or some some think what could cause this today or any countries but this is. if you look at the history of the israeli bonuses or the sort of israeli doing what they're doing . with their neighbor who they're for the governments or countries they
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never stop the war and the. forty's fifty's sixty's seventy's that their own was there is a war between israel and the. people around the. this is not the you don't talk in the world special case approach to israeli israeli they're always looking to make a war against the west most of them as ok thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. if you would come. zip zip good lumber tour to mccurry was easy to believe needs most sophisticated and which ones you should leave doesn't give
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a darn about anything turns mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in green dish is why you should care only on the dot com. bubble before the horse woke up in the notes we have a lot of. groups of the colors of the sluices also our views in the right enough to my mind it was like many of that knowledge that wasn't. the smadi when i was fifteen yes you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun salute effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe are going to stun them not to across. the park to fish on its chemical position and at a construction stop people in the obama administration talking about how much they
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care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. on the move.
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the headlines on r.t. and trying to see eye to eye the leaders of russia and the u.s. meet at the g. twenty summit in mexico are some rather divisive issues of presidents putin and obama agreed that syria should be solved through diplomacy and pledged to keep seeking a compromise on the ongoing european and missile defense argument. also at the summit of world leaders are raised the alarm over a lack of progress in dealing with the eurozone debt crisis which they say threatens to bring down the entire global economy this is greece and struggles to form a coalition government project the debt laden country even deeper into trouble. plus nuclear power iran stands of its right to
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a peaceful atom as western officials try to pressure the country into submission during an international conference right here in moscow a tough new american and european sanctions against the islamic state are due to come into force within weeks. let's get the action there is you know neal good to see you today you know we're almost down to the business and now of the euro two thousand and twelve that's right just one night remaining of the group stages the valve is ten nights france england ukraine all getting a little bit jittery you know where's your money betting on overall it can't really look past spain but of course the germans they don't know how to say defeat do they really so yes spain or germany at this stage rory more sport they're coming up in just a second traitor. thanks for joining us this is indeed sports today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes including all this good stuff. quarterfinal bind spain and italy become the latest
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teams to book their place in the last eight of the european championships. zero. soaps group d. take center stage tonight it's going to take a ship or you're aware for does you korean seek to make the knockout phase at the expense of england. on five we're traffic the world's best pumped up cleats gear up for the fast approaching olympic games at the kremlin cup in moscow . there is only one place to start not football were defending champions spain have see if we booked their place in the quarter finals of euro two thousand and twelve . and italy the two sides progressing from group c. the spaniards went into their clash with creation knowing anything but a loss would see them through but it was the lively croats who created the lion's share of opportunities before the world champions got into their rhythm a draw would have seen both sides move into the last eight but spain have other ideas finally finding the net with two minutes to play bass the man blasting home
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for a one mil final scoreline breaking creations hearts in the process. and the other group c. clash arlen's were hoping to give their support and support something to cheer about against italy but the spied a much better off using them in their previous two clashes it was the italians who struck first on twenty. heading home thirty five minutes in the two thousand and six world cup winners would then put the tide to bed right after death manchester city striker mario balotelli brilliantly netting to no learn how it ended up ardent exit without a single point to their name while italy finished second in the group and now head into the quarterfinals. the italians on spin though won't know their next opponents until later tonight fronts england and co-host ukraine all vying for the final two qualifying spots keep partridge previews the action from kiev now. see how much it was the final set of group matches gets ready to conclude here in ukraine
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on tuesday and after defending champions i like the final two. ok you write you back up to decide who will join them in the last day. at the intimidating donbass arena in donetsk second place england will take on third placed ukraine and after coming into the euros with a new manager injury hit squad and suspended star striker the st lions have unexpectedly roared after drawing with france and beating bogey team sweden another draw with the home nation would be enough to see england through theo walcott has recovered from hamstring trouble and sporting a new haircut wayne rooney is back from his ban other players will will be keen to remind him that what we require from him is a good team performance we want him to make us and help us be a better team we want him to help us win the game of football and i've been very
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impressed with the way he's going about his work in the training sessions in contrast psychologically and tactically ukraine's talismanic schizo andriy shevchenko is struggling with a left knee problem the thirty five year old has fired four of ukraine seven shots on target so far meanwhile after beating sweden and losing to france anything less than a win over england will see the home side join cohost poland ingoing out you'll do most other we should not focus solely on wayne rooney he's among the world's top strikers but we need to look at their team as a whole some have said that english players are tired but i haven't noticed that even if that is the case their team can adjust and are always very dangerous while at the olympic stadium in kiev loren rose france will kick off the top of the group on one goal difference against already who would ban sweden victory for the twenty three match unbeaten french would see them into the last eight hundred by see that we must prepare to play to our team strengths instead of simply anticipating cow
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many goals will score my primary concern is putting the squad in the best position to win by sending out the best possible eleven. if france are gunning for a third championship title stung sweden captain slaton even him of each says his side are playing for their honor after leading a basic games against ukraine and england every cameron side conceded second half winners to ensure they go into the final game eliminated and bottom of course is their loss and if we win two more we don't have three points in the in the world cup but. a lot of. feeling a sense. of confidence when we start the world cup qualification it means a lot for us to more so this is what it all boils down to three contenders two quarter final places the permutations allowed for each of the top three to go
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through each to join sweden in going out it's. party kiev ukraine tight night ahead no diets lance armstrong has been forced to pull out of next weekend's nice ironman event after the seven time tour de france winner was charged with using performance enhancing drugs by the u.s. anti-doping agency this week strong has faced similar allegations in the past with a grand jury finding no reason to bring charges earlier this year following a twenty four month long investigation these fresh charges relate to blood samples taken in two thousand and nine and then the following year again the forty year old denies the allegations saying they are quote baseless and motivated by spite armstrong competes in triathlon but has been forced to withdraw from next weekend's world series event. i received an e-mail from women around saying his departure back to the united states and that. it's not very comforting to have.
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a normal way a big disappointment for. plenty has been happening off the field stateside in the national football. week while the players prepare for the september fifth season start former and current new orleans since players who were suspended following the league's bunty investigation have now appealed their punishments linebacker jonathan vilma was suspended for the season for his alleged rule in a system which paid his saints teammates bonuses for severely hurting key opposing players will smith and former st anthony hargrove were disqualified for four and eight games respectively another departed player scott fujita received a three game punishment the league presented over two hundred pages of documents pertaining to the case but the ms lawyer called the meeting at sharm seeing no real evidence was presented at all. baseball great roger clemens has cleared his name in court the rocket acquitted on perjury charges with an american federal prosecution
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unable to prove that he lied to congress about using steroids a clearly a motional clemens spoke following the verdict on a lot of hard work in that room. and. so. again i appreciate my teammates again. all the e-mails and phone calls. he made so thank you all very much. brings to pentathlon finally over the weekend in moscow hosted one of the insurance sports final tests ahead of the london olympics the kremlin cup robert downey to follow the action for us. for the second straight year of the more than fend off long criminal so the sports criminal crew up the sun and more skill with the london olympics on the horizon an event involving an olympic sport will hold extra significance and importance ladies were the first to settle scores on survey with germany's lenna shona born taking the lead from the very first amount benzine the two thousand and eight olympic champ
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was dominant throughout the day extending her lead in swimming and writing to start the final event of the completion combined with nine seconds of. the three thousand meter course of the course conquer run with three shooting belts so the german claiming in the world victory russia's sole representative on the podium there not that i'm sure they finished third in the men's event which took place on sunday was the locals who have favorites from the very beginning. to time olympic champion and dream and current world number one alex on the list soon dominated the fencing contest but when it came to the pool it was portugal's record the rego sure the best swimming skills although many see if retained the overall lead things changed after writing where listens flows performance with him ahead after three advance
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meaning the twenty three year old would start the combined two seconds ahead of his competitor as we see him and they shared very fortunes in the final discipline. finishing first and claiming overall victory at his home event with me said failing to make it to the podium hungary's robert garcia and ben's damage or were second and third respectively sure of the issue. dreamless sort of came back from altitude training last night and tonight he's going back up there this is part of the training plan so we expected a result like this because we do not worry about it with such a lesson has been training it must go according to his own training show deal and he's reaping the benefits talk listed a lot of hard work to do we just checked our current condition and this result is good proof we're doing all right there's no reason to change anything in our preparations so london twenty twelve the russian bendel one aim for the olympics has been made public one gold and one brooms and on this weekend's evidence that an
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achievable goal robert r.t. moscow. is all the sport for now the very informal of paul scott will be here in just under two hours time with more weathers next. well thanks science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. for. russia would be soon which brightened a few. songs from fans to question. his
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